We use dreamtime for a host of things including exploration, consulting with our cosmic committee, figuring out how we are doing in our lives, problem solving, and healing ourselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is a time when we are unfettered by a physical body; a time when we can quite literally fly free.

One morning in November, 2005 I had a series of three dreams, of which I only remembered two. They occurred in that fuzzy time when we are walking that fine line between waking consciousness and sleep. In both dreams, I shifted from being an observer to an active participant.

In the first dream I found myself in what appeared to be a water treatment plant of some sort with two long wide concrete basins full of water. The scene was brightly lit by sunlight(?) coming in through large translucent windows along one side. There was a man there that was in need of healing and a dark haired healer I was following around. I never saw any injuries on the man, and only had a vague impression of him. I remembered while writing this up that the injured man has some concern about us being interrupted. The healer assured him that we would not be interrupted.

The healer told the man that if he would get into a particular basin that the water, which he had treated, would heal him. The impression I got was that the injury may have been something like a burn or scar-tissue over a large part of his body, or at the very least, his hands, feet and face. The healer asked the man if he needed help getting into the water and he said no, and that he could if he had to swim the entire length of the basin (probably 75 or 100 feet). There was a feeling of determination when he said that, and you could feel his sense of accomplishment and gratitude when he exited the other end.

After he came out of the water, his hands, feet and face were covered in what appeared to be new skin, which was translucent allowing the capillaries, veins and arteries to be clearly seen. The man’s eyelids were grown together so he could not open them, as were his fingers and toes.

The scene shifted and the injured man was lying on a table at the end of the basins, and the healer was standing over him with a scalpel to separate the man’s fingers, toes and eyelids. The healer told him to be very still, and proceeded to cut one pair of eyelids apart. At that point, my perception changed from observer, to being the man on the table, and I immediately saw a sliver of light appear from a field of black, and the dream ended there.

The effect of this dreamtime healing was immediate, and my journeys from that point forward included far more visual information than I had ever experienced before. The visuals were mostly still images, but they conveyed a wealth of information. I would have to wait until my first Visionseeker some four months later for those still images to transform into full motion videos.

In Dreamtime healing part 2, I will tell you about the second dream, which set the direction for my life from that point forward.