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Daily I am reminded of how magical life is. The other day I experienced what most of the world would consider coincidence, but what I have come to realize is simply using my tools.

Merriam-Webster lists one of the definitions of coincidence, in part, as: “the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection…” [my emphasis]

With all due respect to Merriam-Webster, it is no “accident,” and it does not “seem” to have a connection, it does have a connection.

A couple good friends had come back to town for a visit, and I knew it would be a few days before we could get together since they have family here. I had headed out to the market and got the urge to stop for lunch at a local restaurant, and the thought occurred to me that my friends may be there. I followed the urge and when I went in there were no tables available, so they took my name and the names of the three or four parties that had come in behind me. As I stood off to the side, three of the parties that had come in after me were called and seated. I was about to remind them that they had passed me over, when my friends came around the corner. They were indeed there having lunch with family, and if I had been seated first, I would very likely have missed them.

Quite a while ago I realized that every time I experienced a “coincidence” it was always proceeded by me thinking about the subject of the coincidence. I no longer call it coincidence, it is quite simply a case of expanded awareness, and manifestation. And the thing about it is, even those that are not on a path to expanded awareness, use these tools, but unconsciously. As I mentioned in my last post, Expanded awareness in everyday life once you step onto the path, a whole host of tools become available to you. Once you begin to use those tools consciously you start to experience magic in your life.

If you have not been paying attention to coincidences in your life, you may want to start. I think that in a short while you will, as I did, realize it is something entirely different; no accident.

Use the tools, they are yours, standard equipment for life on earth. If you need some information, take a deep breath, connect, and tell upstairs what you need. Do not worry about whether you have actually connected or not, as you will soon realize intent is the key. I also suggest you do not place limits on how that information should be delivered. In my experience, it is best to let upstairs decide. They always use the most efficient method. And remember to let go of the request, don’t keep checking in on it, thinking about it, or holding on to it. Be open and aware for as I have discovered, the answers can come from the most unexpected places. Go on with life and what you need will come to you. As always, keep i mind that an “attitude of gratitude creates a space for grace.”


  1. Hi Richard
    Greetings from Malaysia! Congrats on the webiste… it’s truly magical. You are absolutely right .. there is no such thing as coincidence. My life has been magical ever since I am aware of this … synchronicities happen every day. I can go on and on. I feel as though I am on a spiritual path … it’s magic, really.

    I call myself A woman of change – employee-entrepreneur-author columnist-speaker- and now inspirer and who knows what next?
    I am now writing a children’s book and waiting for more magic to happen. A magical publisher is on the way …

    Please visit my website and I would love to hear from you.


    Fuzi Hanim

  2. Hello Fuzi
    Thank you for stopping by and for the nice comments. Yes life is magical and like you, I experience synchronicity every day. You sound like a very busy woman and like you, I know that magical publisher is just around the corner.

    Be well,

  3. Thank You very much Rich.

  4. Hi Rich… I have been experiencing coincidences now for about 4 years. There are peaks and troughs. Usually, come March, April and May I have lots of insignificant coincidences. Sometimes, they are only relevant to me, but about 50% of the time they affect whoever is with me and then I’m happy that someone else has noticed too.

    The thing from your message below that struck a chord with me is having the coincidences more after you’ve thought/talked about them. So the more coincidences I have, the more I’ve talked about them and sometimes it snowballs, and increases dramatically. Today I have had about 7 coincidences, I won’t bore you with each coincidence though, but they are all little (I have even started scaling them!), like I’m reading something on the internet and just as I start reading somebody in the room mentions it out of the blue.

    I rather like the idea of being able to control this, and will be taking on board your words above, to be able make things happen for me too.

    All the best


  5. Richard,

    In the past 12 hours I have experienced about 3 coincidences (not positive coincidences either). Prior to reading your original post from April of 2007, I had asked upstairs to do just what you advised–I guess that counts as four now. Honestly, it’s kind of freaking me out a little bit, but I do know that GOD does not make mistakes. I guess I just needed to share my thoughts …

    • Jeff, yes there are no mistakes. When coincidences happen whether we perceive them as good or bad is really irrelevant. What is important is that you explore that coincidence and see what is to be learned from it. What does it mean? What is that event trying to bring to light in our lives?

      Take some time to explore what happened and see if you can figure out what it means. One suggestion is to quiet yourself, ask your higher self, or guardian angels, or whoever to protect you, and give a “form” to the event – a symbol, and then ask that symbol questions about the event and what it means to you.

  6. I am having major coincidences happening regarding a relationship that I was told would not happen. I am seeing this mans job in what he does in movies, hearing it in conversations and seeing it in dreams. I am dreaming of him and every where I go, there are signs of him. He told me that he was married and if he was not he would definitely get to know me. He told me on several occasions, “Im not ready”. Since then I have come across some information that may point to the fact that he is not married any longer. I saw pics of he and his “wife” (wow he did not look happy) and in December after he told me that “he wasnt’ ready” I went back to se the pics again and they were gone, with no mention of him at all. I wish I knew what these coincidences are telling me.

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